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Feature: BAME women at Aston | Aston Life

When I was deciding on what university to go to, my sister and I would look through the prospectus booklets and see how hard the university would try to present its self as diverse and accepting. We would look at the pages and see groups of people sat on a bench smiling awkwardly, all of them there because they ticked an individual “diversity box”. A Chinese student, a black woman, a Muslim man, anyone with a visible disability and a white guy can be seen grouped together in many of the prospect

Guest Blog: Olly on Life with A Mental Health Condition at Aston | Aston Life

Everyone struggles when they move to uni – I was no exception. But what made my struggle different was having to juggle the newfound independence with a recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Experiencing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, sometimes within hours of each other, took its toll. Alongside strong medications that made me gain lots of weight in a short space of time, the juggle felt impossible to handle at times.

However, the Enabling Team at Aston are second-to-none, provi

Being LGBT+ At Aston | Aston Life

I’m Dec – a final year English Language Bsc at Aston. I’m openly gay. In light of LGBT+ History Month UK starting today, I want to reflect on being a gay student at a Uni like Aston.

The LGBT+ Society is one of the most popular experiences for an LGBT+ student at our uni. I hadn’t been to anything of the sort before, so this was exciting. Three years down the line, I made some of my closest friends, best memories and biggest uni experiences from being in the society. It truly shaped my social l

Fodder made on quieter days

Where to food shop: Tips for freshers | Aston Life

After a few days of settling into your new accommodation, meeting your flatmates and enjoying the buzz around campus, you’ll probably realise that if you didn’t stock up your cupboards on your move-day, you have a problem.

From an experienced former Aston student, here are the cheapest, nearest and easiest places to do your food shopping:

Right there on campus (Aston Street) opposite Greggs and Ryman stationery, the ‘little Tesco’ has most basics and essentials – as well as a decent range fres

5 misconceptions about English Language at Aston | Aston Life

1. Not all of us want to be teachers.

It’s great for the ones who do! Aston offers English Language as a single-honors degree, and as a combination with a range of subjects from languages, to sociology, politics, business, etc. – but it isn’t the calling for all of us! And we get asked “do you want to be a teacher” after every “what do you study at uni?”

2. It is not literature. It’s Language and Linguistics.

If I had a quid for every “so you do Shakespeare, and read books?” that I get in a w

Society Spotlight: LGBT+ | Aston Life

What: Aston LGBT+ Society, for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans and anyone else – somewhere – on the sexuality spectrum, as well as heterosexual supporters (or ‘allies’).

Covers: LGBT+ topical issues in society, such as relevant news items on movements, rights, developments and key issues within the LGBT+ community around the world. Also, meetings occasionally include trivia on a vast, wide range of topics such as (most recently) sexual identity.

Light-hearted content that the LGBT+ society cove

How to settle back into uni after the holidays | Aston Life

It’s a New Year, and uni doesn’t wait for anybody. Exams will finish within the next two weeks for most of us – as well as a new term of lectures. Here’s a few tips for coming back from home to start Term 2 off the right way.

The Uni library re-opened today at 8AM, and will be 24 hours for the rest of the exam period before term 2 begins. As well as the resources you’re familiar with, the Library of Birmingham (which also reopens today) has a wider range of resources which can help with researc