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I'm A Young Bi Dad. Here's What People Get Wrong About Me

Let's start with the easiest misunderstanding of being bisexual: Stereotypically, people assume that bisexual men are softening the blow that leads to 'accepting' the reality that you're a gay man. If only it were that easy; bisexuality is not a binary journey in a vessel to binary homosexuality. I'm still attracted to women and had a child with one. While, validly, there are often gay men who sometimes embrace a bisexual front before segueing into exclusive homosexuality on the journey of self-

Confessions of a cam boy — Lacuna Voices

I’d never thought of webcamming - getting paid to take my clothes off online - as a feasible thing. Knowing my luck, I thought, I’d be that guy who was scammed, stalked or outed. Surely, it was only Hollywood gays who broke into the adult entertainment world and made a fortune? But a webcamming opportunity fell into my lap, so to speak. I was on a student night out with friends, guzzling £1 neon drinks by the bar when I stumbled across a copy of a regional LGBT magazine. Make money broadcasting

What Would A Richard Curtis Film Look Like In 2020?

What Would A Richard Curtis Film Look Like In 2020?

I wonder what signifies wealth to other people, how it drastically varies amongst people, and how it evolves and changes so gradually deepening on what stage of life we arrive at, like the greying of hairs or crumbling of bones.

When I was 14, a Christmas present from a friend made me tear-up. It was an H&M black-and-white shirt. She accidentally left the tag on, but didn’t gasp and sweep it out of my hands for “it only cost £25”.


Men struggle with body image too — Lacuna Voices

When I was 10, I was rushed to hospital with nausea, delusions and terrifying, inexplicable sensations in my body that had made me cry all day. The doctor poked, prodded, put instruments in my mouth, weighed and measured me. He concluded I was malnourished. My body was now reacting badly to an infection - the chronic lack of nutrition from my refusal to eat anything good for me had left my immune system fighting on empty.

I recovered physically but my relationship with food remained tough. Tryi

I'm an Orphan. Please Stop Being So Awkward About It

Another Mother’s Day, come and gone. Scented candles, chocolates and Cliff Richard calendars, as though all mothers have a thirst for Jasmine scents, diabetes and creepy-looking men. Like every year, I admired the festivity of it all, but the occasion didn’t really apply to my life. A bit like how my close friend describes celebrating Christmas as a British Muslim.

I’m 24. Mum died 23 years ago, a week before my first birthday. And Dad, when I was 18. They were teens when I was born prematurely